Take over

At what point do you seize control and do your own shit?

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Kill me now

You can’t live with them, you can’t kill them…
Thank GOD for working late and alcohol when you’re not.


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Pet peeve snow removal

Clean the snow off of your car.  Not only can you see better but I can see your brake and signal lights.  AND get the giant slab of snow off your roof so it doesn’t peel off and smack my windshield while I’m doing 80 on the freeway in rush hour traffic.  You lazy schmuck.


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I’m really wishing it would start to snow.


I need to click in and point down and feel some speed.


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Bad Drivers and Bumper Stickers

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people that either don’t know the traffic laws or don’t care about them.  Now, I’m not a fan of speed limits by any means but I do observe laws governing other things.  Turning right on red, signaling turns and lane changes, lane usage, traffic control devices and signs, etc….

I am bothered by people who get mad if I change lanes by crossing a solid white line. YES, IT IS LEGAL TO SO. Solid white indicates that a lane change is discouraged but not disallowed (per the Michigan Uniform Traffic Code,). Solid yellow lines are not to be crossed.

Turns are allowed from lanes other than the curb lane if it is posted as such. While turning you are supposed to go into the corresponding lane of the new roadway. If you’re in the right lane, turn into the right lane. If you’re in the second lane, turn into the second lane.

There are other rules that I could mention but I’ll stop here for now.

The other day, I was in the second lane of a road where it was posted that I could turn right or go straight. The right lane was turn only and the lane to my left was straight through only. It was also posted that there was NO turn on red. The light was red and there was a car on either side of me.

Simultaneously, both cars started to turn right. The person to my right turned and went into the left lane (of 3 lanes). The person to my left turned and went into the right lane. They nearly hit each other as they crossed over each other and the person travelling along the road had to stop quickly to avoid them both.


Now, what does this all have to do with bumper stickers, you may be wondering. Well, here it is… all of the people I have seen pulling some stupid maneuver or another have one thing in common. You guessed it… they all had bumper stickers on the back of their cars.

Not just any bumper sticker though.

Obama bumper stickers.



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Sense of Urgency

Do you ever get that sense of urgency where you just feel like you have to go faster?

Like when you’re sitting in traffic.  Just crawling along.  Wishing you could just step on it and fly right by everyone.

…and you ate a Fiber-One bar two hours ago…


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Ready for Take-off

I wonder just how fast I could get going by the time I got to the end of this road?2010-Bugatti-Veyron-16-4-Super-Sport-World-Record-Rear-2-1920x1440

I haven’t been over 100 mph in a while but now I’m feeling inspired.


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Mongo 48

Went for a little ride yesterday in Mongo’s ’48 Plymouth.

Tons of people and cars out on Woodward and the official Cruise is still days away.

I’m expecting my drive home from work to get longer and longer the next couple days.

Maybe even 1/2 hour longer or more???




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The PRE-Woodward Dream Cruise


photo: 1951 Chevy

The official Woodward Dream Cruise is still two weeks away but that doesn’t matter to many car owners and enthusiasts.  Woodward was rockin’ with classic cars including this 1951 Chevy.

I actually prefer the weeks leading up to the official event because it’s not as crowded and the cars have room to drive instead of sitting in traffic and overheating.  Plus there isn’t the corporate presense around.

During the official event, corporations take over all of the good parking spots, they take over all the good viewing spots and they turn it into a big sales pitch.  If you are “lucky” enough to be a potential supplier or friend of an executive at one of the “Detroit Three”, you’ll get to wear a plastic badge holder around your neck on a lanyard emblazoned with some companies name.

You’ll have special access to see all of the new car models that the automakers are trying to market to twenty-somethings.  You will have access to a special grandstand that has been put up just for you.  Of course, you won’t sit in the grandstand because it’s too hot, but it’s there for you regardless.

The sidewalks will be clogged with you and all the other corporate types, looking to be seen as someone important.  With your special access and your giant grandstands blocking the view of the rest of us plebes, you really are somebody.

I’ll skip the offical event and enjoy myself in the weeks and days leading up to it.  Minus all of the overcrowding and the corporate b.s.




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The Lost Art of Humor…

Honestly, people have got to stop taking everything so seriously.

Everyone who is different than you is not trying to offend you or belittle you with everything they say. 

You are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine.  Even if they are different, neither one is automatically wrong. 

Learn to recognize satire and sarcasm.  I am not disrespecting you, I’m pointing out your insecurities. 

So lighten up and…


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